Functional and Dissociative Neurological Symptoms : a patient's guide


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This website is about symptoms which are: • neurological (such as weakness, numbness or blackouts) • REAL (and not imagined) • and due to a PROBLEM with the FUNCTIONING of the nervous system, and NOT due to neurological disease. These symptoms have many names (including dissociative symptoms and conversion symptoms) but are often described as "functional symptoms" or "functional disorders" Symptoms like these are surprisingly common but can be difficult for patients and health professionals to understand. This website, written by a neurologist with a special interest in these problems, aims to give you a better understanding of these symptoms. It has no advertising and does not make any money for the author.











Symptoms ...

Most people with functional or dissociative neurological symptoms have a combination of symptoms like "weakness, numbness and fatigue" or "blackouts and sleep problems"

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• what is going wrong in the body when they do happen.(Mechanisms) and
• why people become vulnerable to these symptoms (Causes)

Click on ‘Misdiagnosis’ to find out how likely it is that your diagnosis is wrong

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FUNDING: I'm grateful to the Neurology Research Fund of the Department of Clinical Neurosciences, Western General Hospital, Edinburgh for funding this website. The cost for the website for the first two years was less than £200. I'm especially grateful to Ian Laverty for raising money with this website in mind.

Neurosymptoms in other languages

I am very honoured that neurology, medical and nursing colleagues in a wide range of countries have contacted me to arrange a translation of in to other languages. Words and meanings change in different cultures and so it was important that these sites were adapted by professionals familiar with the topic. Some of these sites are complete. Others are in development

DUTCH Translation in progress by Prof Rien Vermeulen, Neurologist, Amsterdam and Jeannette Gelauff
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