Functional and Dissociative Neurological Symptoms : a patient's guide


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Sites run by Health Professionals is a website launched in February 2011 all about non-epileptic attacks. Its written by a clinical team in Sheffield UK and has lots of useful information


Sites run by Patient Organisations

FND Hope ( was the first patient support organisation for patients with functional neurological disorders. It has a large and growing amount of material for patients with functional neurological disorders, espeically symptoms like movement disorder and weakness

Psychological Symptom Booklets

With grateful thanks to Northumberland, Tyne and Wear NHS Trust for permission

Sites run by Patients

These booklets are also from Northumberland, Tyne and Wear NHS Trust and may be helpful depending on circumstances. Please scroll down to find the correct booklet


has been written by a patient with fnd and provides a patient's perspective from the US

Health Improvement Scotland (part of NHS Scotland) published an important document on functional neurological symptoms in 2012.

THis is one of the first (possibly the first) document from a governmental agency which recognises the nature and extent of functional neurological symptoms and their associated disability and distress

Click on the document picture to access the page on the Health Improvement Scotland Website and download the document.

This document builds on NHS Scotland Neurology Standards which also specificed the importance of patients having access to correct diagnosis and multidisciplinary treatment

These other leaflets may be of help too

If you cannot open these files (pdf files) then you will need Acrobat Reader. 

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Dissociation / Depersonalisation

Wikipedia – not always reliable but as of Sep 2008 the page is helpful


Click on Stories to read personal accounts of living with functional and dissociative symptoms


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