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‘Not there’ a graphic novel about functional seizures

‘Not there’ is a graphic novel about coming to terms with having functional seizures as part of FND. The work was created by Language and Cognition Fellow Gavin Inglis in partnership with Edinburgh artist Fin Cramb as part of the Beyond Walls Art and Therapeutic Design (ATD) programme for the Department of Clinical Neurosciences, Edinburgh.

Gavin said, “As part of the fellowship at DCN, I wanted to create something that could help patients. Recognising and understanding a Functional Neurological Disorder is an essential part of treatment. Given that FNDs are misunderstood even by some neurologists, this seemed like an opportunity to produce a story which could be both informative and therapeutic.”

The story went through a long development process with input from NHS staff in diverse roles. Professor Jon Stone consulted throughout the project, from script to final tweaks, and contributed the introduction.

Not There can be read with any PDF viewer, or with specialist comic book reader software.

Please download a low resolution PDF version (7mb) here or a higher resolution PDF version (15mb) here.

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